Big Dreams. Small Change.

A couple of years ago we set out on a journey to make a film. We had zero financial backing and nothing more than the money in our pockets to do it.

We managed to pull together a crew of incredibly talented people – a real Band of Brothers – who were willing to follow us into battle for nothing more than the love of the project. Nobody got paid and nobody complained about it. We were in it together. More than just colleagues: we became really close friends.

Now that the film is complete, the biggest justice we can do to all those generous people who gave up their free time is to share the film with the world. We want their credits to be seen on big screens from the North Yorkshire Moors to the Rocky Mountains.

But we cannot do that without your help…

We’re fortunate in that we love what we do, but film festivals are expensive to submit to and cinemas costly to hire. We’ve managed to come this far with a D.I.Y. ethos but we simply don’t have the money to go any further on our own.

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Thank you – we really, truly appreciate all your support.

Busking Turf Wars x

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